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Which are the best breeds and breeders in the country and around the world (and the worst)?
Sadly, we don't know.

We do know that some Pedigree Dog Breeds are known to suffer from certain inherited diseases. (Follow this link to find information on these conditions) But, how big a problem is it? How many dogs suffer from these diseases and are some breeders more successful than others at minimising the problem? That we don't know

We believe that good breeding can go a long way towards reducing the number of dogs suffering from these inherited diseases.

But, at this moment in time, there is no hard data that can identify which the healthiest, longest lived, all round best dogs are likely to be.

Whether you're a breeder that wants to pick the healthiest dogs to improve your line, or a pet owner looking for a new puppy, you'll be faced, at best,  with making educated guesses and keeping tightly crossed fingers!

We want to change all that!!

K9check exists to collate and publish a database of pedigree and crossbreed dog health. All data published must be verified by a Veterinary Practice with knowledge of each dog. This will guarantee quality, unbiased information.

Our data will be freely available to Breeders, Prospective Owners and for Academic Research. Searchable by breed, breedline and, individual dog, we will be able to offer World Class information that will take the guesswork out of choosing dogs. 

Right now we need as much information as you can give us on your dogs health record. Please use our LOGaDOG form. Share your experiences, Good or Bad, to help improve the health and happiness of our dogs. And remember, we will not publish your name or contact details! 

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We all know just how much our pets mean to us. Dogs in particular really are one of the family. And yet, many dogs, especially pedigrees, suffer needlessly from ill health and often die far too early. A part of this is because too little is known about the health history of our dogs.

Breeders trying to select the best dogs to breed from will often not be able to find out a great deal about the history of those they choose. What they do find out is often impossible to verify. And, unfortunately, whilst there are many good breeders out there, there are some who will deliberately hide problems. Sometimes inherited diseases only become apparent after dogs are bred from.

Pet owners take a leap of faith that their dog will a have a fit, healthy, happy and long life 

k9check needs YOUR help to change things:

We all know and understand the value of information. Whether you're booking a holiday or buying car insurance, many of us look for information on the net.

k9check exists to compile a database of information about the health of our dogs. Using this, we can begin to identify those breeds and breedlines which are healthiest, as well as those where we should be concerned. To do this, we need information from you, about the health and wellbeing of your pedigree or crossbreed companions. click here to pass on your dog's history


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